Get Your DIY on at AR Workshop

ar workshop richmond amber kay seniors

DIY crafts AR Workshop Richmond

Are you looking for something fun to do in Richmond? Something a little outside of the box where you can use your hands? All while having something awesome to bring home? Then I’ve got something fun for you! Let me introduce you to DIY crafts at AR Workshop Richmond.

AR Workshop is a DIY retail store where you can make your own signs, trays, pillows, etc. Really the project list is endless. The shop is located at Stony Point Fashion Park and is so much fun!

what to do in richmond ar workshopwhat to do in richmond ar workshop

The owner is Rebecca and she’s the absolute best! She’s also a good friend so yes I am biased but once you meet her…you’ll totally agree with me. Rebecca had the brilliant idea to open an AR Workshop here and her shop opened in October. (Total side note – she was a wedding photographer for over 10 years prior and I did force her to come out of wedding photographer retirement to photograph my wedding in March. But that’s another story and blog post. Seriously though how can one person be so talented??)

ar workshop richmond owner rebecca

The class list is endless and in the shop all the classes are listed on these fun clipboards. For the current full class list visit their website HERE. 


When you come in for a class it is totally hands on! You’re getting your hands a little dirty. You’ll be painting, sanding, nail gunning (I don’t think that’s supposed to be used as a verb but it’s working for me), staining, etc. You even get to wear these super cute aprons! So you don’t have to worry about getting your cute outfit all stained.

The best part? You even get to drink while you craft!!! An AR Workshop class is great for date night or for girls night out!

The store also has some really awesome retail items!! And even better – most are made by local makers! Boss babes supporting other boss babes. I love it!!

I’ve had the pleasure of taking two different classes. One for learning how to make a chunky knit blanket and one for making a framed sign with my photography logo!!! (These next pictures were all taken with my iphone during the class I took.)

You can choose to do one of the many projects AR Workshops offers and the designs they offer or you can customize your project! Think initials, monograms, full names, or completely customize and do your business logo. Before class I emailed my logo to Rebecca so she could prepare the stencil. When I showed up my name was on the table with my project parts.

I can’t even begin to tell you the details of what we did when or what the steps were. Hahahaha. I might have been a bit flustered making sure my project was perfect. Cause that’s the way I roll…but here are a few photos of the fun process.

 And here’s my finished project!! I’m so in love with it and it’s proudly hanging in my studio!!

ar workshop richmond amber kay seniors

The next time you’re looking for something fun to do or maybe you’re just in need of something cool for your house make sure you check out AR Workshop. You can also host parties, private crafting events, or your fundraiser. Call Rebecca and she will hook you up.

DIY crafts AR workshop Richmond

Why You Need a Pro Photographer for your Blog

richmond blogger photography

Richmond Blogger Photography

Who are your favorite bloggers & influencers? Besides their style what do you love about them? Their photos right?! Really that’s the first thing you notice (especially when finding them and following on Instagram…which happens the be THE PLATFORM)! These girls seem to have it all – style, content, an amazing esthetic, all the right images with just the right non-posed poses  (for the record many of those are posed shots of looking non-posed). You want to know them, hang out with them, wear what they’re wearing, have them on your girl squad!

The two things that make any blogger or influencer stand out are #1 their images & #2 their voice. Since photography is my game we will talk about the images here.

I’m an Instagram addict. I admit it! It is by far my favorite social media platform and it is what I use to see where I want to eat, what new stores I want to check out, get some fashion and makeup tips, etc. When I come across an account that has non-appealing imagery (under exposed, over exposed, out of focus, boring, etc) I’ll scroll on past. Let’s be frank… do not want your potential readers/customers to just scroll on past your images! You want to them be drawn in, get to know you, read what you have to say.

Instagram and blogging have turned quite competitive! For you and your brand to stand out you definitely need to make sure you’re posting imagery that stands out. Let’s face it you can take some really good pictures with your iPhone but…it’s not the same as hiring a pro photographer. Finding the right photographer for you is vitally important. That photographer-blogger-influencer relationship & chemistry is what will help your images stand out from the crowd. Building your relationship with your photographer will translate to your photographer intuitively knowing your brand, how you like to be photographed, your best angles, and what you ultimately want.

Here are a few of my favorite images from a recent shoot with Taylor Pitera of Tailor. She has a personal blog Tailored and also runs a successful e-commerce boutique Tailor. You can find her on Insta HERE & HERE. We spent about an hour strolling around parts of The Fan in Richmond getting these (& many more!) images. Four outfits – several locations & different looks!

If you’re a blogger/influencer I would like to chat photography with you. Drop an email to and let’s set up a time to sit down and talk about you, your blog, your social media, your business goals, and how I can help with photography.

richmond blogger photography


Vintage Cabana Summer Birthday Party by the Pool

vintage cabana inspired birthday party pool richmond va

Vintage Cabana Inspired Birthday Party Summer Poolside

vintage cabana inspired birthday party pool richmond va

I cannot for the life of me believe that I haven’t shared this kick-ass shoot before on the blog. This is the magic that happens when you get a few genius boss ladies together!

Have you ever wanted to have the BEST birthday party ever with your girlfriends? Does a pool party sound fun? How about a vintage cabana inspired birthday party during the summer poolside? YES?! You could even turn these ideas into graduation party ideas or a house warming or bachelorette!! I mean seriously you can’t go wrong here. Your friends would never stop talking about it. I know I wouldn’t.

The mastermind behind this genius is Chelsea of Illumination Events Studio and she absolutely rocks! (I mean I even hired her as my day of wedding coordinator she’s so awesome!!) When Chelsea asked if I’d like to participate in a vintage cabana styled birthday party & she showed me her inspiration I jumped up and down with excitement. If you’re planning any type of event, party, or wedding and need some help with inspiration, planning, bringing the whole thing together then she’s your woman. So many other amazing vendors came together for this birthday party shoot as well!!

So let’s start off with the venue. A cool pool of course!! This happens to be at Bandit’s Ridge  in Louisa, VA. Not too far of a drive from Richmond, it’s set out in the country so you could definitely play your music as loud as you would like and laugh the day away.

vintage cabana inspired birthday party pool richmond vaHow would you like to get to the party? Why a vintage red vespa of course!!! Make sure you don’t forget your perfectly wrapped presents.

vintage cabana inspired birthday party red vespa with presents

vintage cabana inspired birthday party red vespa with presentsvintage cabana inspired birthday party presents

These lovely ladies were perfectly styled all day by Megan of Sweet Sauce. I’ve worked with her several times and she is just amazing and has the perfect eye for fashion and accessories. She’s perfect to work with to help you style your own closet, curate a new wardrobe, or of course to work with you on a specific project…like your senior pictures!! These beautiful women are wearing outfits from fab’rik of Carytown and they look smashing! Hair and makeup was perfectly done and attended to by Elle Style Studio.

vintage inspired birthday party richmond vavintage inspired birthday party fashion richmond vavintage inspired birthday party fashion richmond va

You can’t forget the invitations!!! How bright and cheerful are these? Riot + Revel did an amazing job designing the invitations and all the other signage and paper goods for the day.

vintage inspired birthday party invitationvintage inspired birthday party invitation

You can’t have a party without party hats. And what type of party hat goes best with a vintage inspired cabana party? Why fruit and flower hats and headbands of course!!

vintage inspired birthday tropical poolside venue richmond va

A few of the party decorations and set up. It’s not a party without the perfect decor that sets the scene for your theme.

vintage inspired birthday poolside decorvintage inspired birthday tropical poolside venue richmond va

What’s more perfect on a hot summer day than a fruit bar?

vintage inspired birthday tropical fruitbarvintage inspired birthday tropical fruitbar

Every girl loves a fruity drink to keep her cool. How pretty are these little watermelon drinks?

vintage inspired birthday party fruity cocktailsvintage inspired birthday party fruity cocktailsvintage inspired birthday party fruity cocktails

Small party or big party the setup and flow is everything. This little tablescape is so cute and makes me want to have a party right now.

vintage inspired birthday tropical tablescape richond vavintage inspired birthday tropical tablescape richond vavintage inspired birthday tropical tablescape richond vavintage inspired birthday party micro greens salad

Hello AH-mazing cake!! This geometic fruit cake manages to be tropical and retro and feel like summer!! Dessert First Custom Cakes rocked it.

vintage inspired birthday colorful fruit birthday cake

Quick outfit change into vintage inspired swim suits and cover-ups.

vintage inspired birthday party vintage bathing suitvintage inspired birthday party vintage bathing suitvintage inspired birthday party vintage bathing suitvintage inspired birthday party vintage bathing suitvintage inspired birthday party vintage bathing suit

A little pineapple pinata action. You’re never too old for candy!

vintage inspired birthday party pineapple pinataThe highlight of the party may be relaxing and splashing by the pool.

vintage cabana inspired birthday party pool richmond vavintage cabana inspired birthday party pool richmond vavintage cabana inspired birthday party pool richmond vaOr maybe it’s the dance party & bubble?

vintage cabana inspired birthday dance partyvintage cabana inspired birthday party cocktailsvintage cabana inspired birthday party friends bubblesvintage cabana inspired birthday party friends bubbles

SOOOO excited to say that this was featured on Hostess With The Mostest blog!!!!!!!!!! Check out what they had to say.

All Vendor Credits: Conception, Planning, Florals, Decor, & Styling- Illumination Events Studio / Venue: Bandit’s Ridge / Photography: Amber Kay Photography , Amber Kay Seniors / Apparel: Fab’rik Carytown / Apparel Styling: Sweet Sauce / Hair and Makeup: Elle Style Studio / Cake: Dessert First Custom Cakes / Linens and Rentals: Rent-E-Quip / Paper goods and gift wrapping: Riot + Revel / Vespa: 7 Hills Scooter Club

Vintage Cabana Inspired Birthday Party Summer Poolside

Did you check out my post about Hot Diggity Donuts? Great design & great donuts!!! You can read that HERE.

Donuts!!! Hot Fresh Donuts!!!

hot diggity donuts richmond

Hot Diggity Donuts – Richmond

When amazing design meets amazing donuts all is right with the world! I tried Hot Diggity Donuts in Richmond for the first time last week and I’m hooked for sure. It’s one of the cutest places I’ve ever ventured into. I could have stayed for hours just admiring everything from the cute paint job, to the amazing pink neon sign, to the perfect little tables to eat at.

It totally helps that the coffee was strong and hot. Maybe even HOT HOT HOT! Seriously love the mugs too. I ordered two donuts – a Vanilla Glaze and a Lemon Poppy. Both were delicious but I must say that the Lemon Poppy (pictured below) stole my heart and taste buds. I just saw on their Facebook page that they added two new donuts so I might have to head back really soon and try those too.

Since all is right with the world and donuts…they also serve cocktails! What???? Definitely going to have to do a brunch stop when I can justify both a donut and a cocktail. These two new ones are on my must try list!!! 1) Nectarine Glaze with salty caramel & slivered almonds, and 2) Blackberry Cobbler with coulis, streusel, & allspice. I might pair those with either the Ramos Fizz (which is gin, orange flower water, & egg white) or their version of a Bellini (sparkling sex & peach puree). Or maybe I’ll order both!!!

Make sure you give Hot Diggity Donuts Richmond some love and stop by. It will do your taste buds good! And for those of you who are a fan of design…you’ll be delighted! They’re located in Manchester at 1213 Hull Street Richmond, VA 23224.

Hot Diggity Donuts Richmond, VA  – Instagrammable level – 10