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hot diggity donuts richmond

Hot Diggity Donuts – Richmond

When amazing design meets amazing donuts all is right with the world! I tried Hot Diggity Donuts in Richmond for the first time last week and I’m hooked for sure. It’s one of the cutest places I’ve ever ventured into. I could have stayed for hours just admiring everything from the cute paint job, to the amazing pink neon sign, to the perfect little tables to eat at.

It totally helps that the coffee was strong and hot. Maybe even HOT HOT HOT! Seriously love the mugs too. I ordered two donuts – a Vanilla Glaze and a Lemon Poppy. Both were delicious but I must say that the Lemon Poppy (pictured below) stole my heart and taste buds. I just saw on their Facebook page that they added two new donuts so I might have to head back really soon and try those too.

Since all is right with the world and donuts…they also serve cocktails! What???? Definitely going to have to do a brunch stop when I can justify both a donut and a cocktail. These two new ones are on my must try list!!! 1) Nectarine Glaze with salty caramel & slivered almonds, and 2) Blackberry Cobbler with coulis, streusel, & allspice. I might pair those with either the Ramos Fizz (which is gin, orange flower water, & egg white) or their version of a Bellini (sparkling sex & peach puree). Or maybe I’ll order both!!!

Make sure you give Hot Diggity Donuts Richmond some love and stop by. It will do your taste buds good! And for those of you who are a fan of design…you’ll be delighted! They’re located in Manchester at 1213 Hull Street Richmond, VA 23224.

Hot Diggity Donuts Richmond, VA  – Instagrammable level – 10

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