Why You Need a Pro Photographer for your Blog

richmond blogger photography

Richmond Blogger Photography

Who are your favorite bloggers & influencers? Besides their style what do you love about them? Their photos right?! Really that’s the first thing you notice (especially when finding them and following on Instagram…which happens the be THE PLATFORM)! These girls seem to have it all – style, content, an amazing esthetic, all the right images with just the right non-posed posesĀ  (for the record many of those are posed shots of looking non-posed). You want to know them, hang out with them, wear what they’re wearing, have them on your girl squad!

The two things that make any blogger or influencer stand out are #1 their images & #2 their voice. Since photography is my game we will talk about the images here.

I’m an Instagram addict. I admit it! It is by far my favorite social media platform and it is what I use to see where I want to eat, what new stores I want to check out, get some fashion and makeup tips, etc. When I come across an account that has non-appealing imagery (under exposed, over exposed, out of focus, boring, etc) I’ll scroll on past. Let’s be frank…..you do not want your potential readers/customers to just scroll on past your images! You want to them be drawn in, get to know you, read what you have to say.

Instagram and blogging have turned quite competitive! For you and your brand to stand out you definitely need to make sure you’re posting imagery that stands out. Let’s face it you can take some really good pictures with your iPhone but…it’s not the same as hiring a pro photographer. Finding the right photographer for you is vitally important. That photographer-blogger-influencer relationship & chemistry is what will help your images stand out from the crowd. Building your relationship with your photographer will translate to your photographer intuitively knowing your brand, how you like to be photographed, your best angles, and what you ultimately want.

Here are a few of my favorite images from a recent shoot with Taylor Pitera of Tailor. She has a personal blog Tailored and also runs a successful e-commerce boutique Tailor. You can find her on Insta HERE & HERE. We spent about an hour strolling around parts of The Fan in Richmond getting these (& many more!) images. Four outfits – several locations & different looks!

If you’re a blogger/influencer I would like to chat photography with you. Drop an email to info@amberkayphoto.com and let’s set up a time to sit down and talk about you, your blog, your social media, your business goals, and how I can help with photography.

richmond blogger photography


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