Donuts!!! Hot Fresh Donuts!!!

hot diggity donuts richmond

Hot Diggity Donuts – Richmond

When amazing design meets amazing donuts all is right with the world! I tried Hot Diggity Donuts in Richmond for the first time last week and I’m hooked for sure. It’s one of the cutest places I’ve ever ventured into. I could have stayed for hours just admiring everything from the cute paint job, to the amazing pink neon sign, to the perfect little tables to eat at.

It totally helps that the coffee was strong and hot. Maybe even HOT HOT HOT! Seriously love the mugs too. I ordered two donuts – a Vanilla Glaze and a Lemon Poppy. Both were delicious but I must say that the Lemon Poppy (pictured below) stole my heart and taste buds. I just saw on their Facebook page that they added two new donuts so I might have to head back really soon and try those too.

Since all is right with the world and donuts…they also serve cocktails! What???? Definitely going to have to do a brunch stop when I can justify both a donut and a cocktail. These two new ones are on my must try list!!! 1) Nectarine Glaze with salty caramel & slivered almonds, and 2) Blackberry Cobbler with coulis, streusel, & allspice. I might pair those with either the Ramos Fizz (which is gin, orange flower water, & egg white) or their version of a Bellini (sparkling sex & peach puree). Or maybe I’ll order both!!!

Make sure you give Hot Diggity Donuts Richmond some love and stop by. It will do your taste buds good! And for those of you who are a fan of design…you’ll be delighted! They’re located in Manchester at 1213 Hull Street Richmond, VA 23224.

Hot Diggity Donuts Richmond, VA  – Instagrammable level – 10

A little Holiday Gift Guide with Sparkles and Quirks

I see Holiday Gift Guides everywhere. One for the “woman who has it all” or for the “woman photographer” or for the “professional woman” and it goes on and on. But I’ve never seen a gift guide for the “quirkily woman who likes pretty things but also likes to be comfortable and real”. So I decided to put together my own gift guide! Admittedly these are all things that I would love to magically appear underneath my Christmas tree and in some way they all scream my name. However…I think they’re also things that you might love or your friends or wife or girlfriend might love.



1) Every girl loves perfume!! Ever since discovering Jo Malone a few years ago I am smitten. There isn’t a single scent that I don’t love! My favorite is the Blackberry & Bay and I get so many compliments when I wear it…it’s crazy. The scent isn’t over powering and stays all day. Also…I got a sample of Juliette Has a Gun, Not a Perfume in my Birchbox last year and have been very carefully using it. It smells amazing.

2) These Kate Spade sparkly earrings are so pretty!!! I’m pretty sure every girl would love them and you can choose from silver, gold,or my multi colored sparkles.

3) I have to admit I am a little obsessed with llamas and since I work mostly from home I spend a lot of time in my pajamas…so…these Llama pajamas are awesome! These ones I found at Target are sure to make you feel all happy and festive.

4) Gold Monogrammed Antropologie mugs are great for looking pretty and feeling a tad bit stylish while you’re sipping coffee, or hot chocolate, or even tea.

5) I’ve been wanting a Holga camera for a little while now I just haven’t bought myself one. There’s just something so fun about using a toy camera and shooting on film. It’s always a great surprise to get your pictures back.

6) This water bottle from Define Bottle ooks amazing! For everyone that likes sipping on infused water but doesn’t like eating the infusion part this would be great. I love fresh mint leaves, lemon, and cucumber or fruit in my water.

7) These canvas gold dipped tote bags from West Elm look amazing! You can even get them monogrammed. I’d like one of each.

8) Tyler Knott Greggson is an amazing poet and I just found that the company Green Tag is making leather pouches with a few of his poems printed on them. Amazing! Of course I love the orange one but there are other colors and other poems as well.

9) Going in the opposite direction of an analog film camera…here’s a fun little printer to use with your iPhone. Many of us use our iPhones as our main camera during the day. Snapping away at everything we see. Well this awesome little printer from PhotoJoJo lets you print your iPhone pictures onto Fuji Instax film. How much fun is that? Digital image capture and a “polaroid” print.

10) I’ve been following Humans of New York on Facebook for awhile now and  I love the stories. This book would be great to flip through.

11) Who doesn’t love a pretty new jewelry box? This monogrammed box by C Wonder is beautiful. It was available in orange at one time but not anymore. Bummer! Should have bought it sooner. But it is available in white and blue and black.

12) Just about any pretty and sparkly necklace is my friend! J Crew has some amazing ones to choose from like this one!!

13) I am always cold. Always cold! This faux fur blanket from Pottery Barn would feel amazing to cuddle up in and take a winter’s nap or just watch some movies. They feel so wonderful and are sure to keep even the coldest people (like me) nice and toasty warm.

Monty & Moxie MaeWest: Lifestyle Photography with pups and style!

lifestyle dog photo session

Meet Monty and Moxie MaeWest…some very posh pups! Their human, Brianne, is a very dear friend (First a Bride of mine and now my dear friend! Gosh I love what I do!!). Well, Brianne is an animal lover and all around beautiful person, and she very generously helped saved my precious Aggie Cat by donating for her surgery. To say thank you (and as a perfect excuse to get together to chat and catch up) I photographed her pups! I wanted to the session to be relaxed and really show Brianne and her pups. I wanted to show her sense of style and her life.

We started out with a few simple photos of the pups just hanging out. Here’s Moxie MaeWest relaxing with her carrot on the couch. (As a complete side note….I am completely in love with Brianne and Joe’s house! This graphic wall print is to die for!!)lifestyle dog photo sessionHere’s Monty with his mom.
lifestyle dog photo sessionSeriously is anything better than relaxing on the couch, sipping coffee, and loving on your fur babies? lifestyle dog photo sessionlifestyle dog photo sessionlifestyle dog photo sessionlifestyle dog photo sessionlifestyle dog photo sessionlifestyle dog photo sessionWe headed outside for a few shots. Brianne has one of the most epic collections of killer heels I have ever seen!! Seriously!! This girl has impeccable style. These Christian Dior heels…well i’m not sure if I want to stare at them and drool or if I want to caress them lovingly and write them love poems. oh…and….Moxie MaeWest and Monty look pretty cute too. Christian Dior blue heels and puppiesHello! Gotta love sparkly gold Jimmy Choo’s and a pug! Some Pug Jimmy Choo love here. gold jimmy choo heels and a pugpug loveCan you ever go wrong with a pair of  Christian Louboutins and a cute puppy? Nope…I didn’t think so!
glam lifestyle dog photography sessionglam lifestyle dog photography sessionI love Moxie MaeWest’s eyes here! Completely cracks me up…her furrowed brow, raised eye brows, and a look of surprise maybe. Kisses are always a good surprise in my book!  And can we talk for a second about Brianne’s vest? I’m fairly certain that I need one just like it…and then I’ll have to have someone take pictures of me and Aggie and Archie the Cat! Except for me no wine…maybe a cranberry and vodka. glam lifestyle dog photography sessionglam lifestyle dog photography sessionMonty was a bit more camera shy than Moxie MaeWest. Or maybe not camera shy, maybe he was just old man grumpy? Haha. But…having said that…I’m smitten with these next few images. There’s nothing like the love we have for our fur babies! Having lost my amazing Bear Dog just a few months ago my heart swelled with joy and love watching Brianne with her fur babies. And I really wish I had more photos of myself with Bear Dog.pug lovepug kissespug love

I love lifestyle photography sessions! They are seriously the most amazing experience and the images they yield are sure to make your heart full. So many times we are caught up in getting that “everyone looking at the camera” image. Those images don’t bring back memories though. Those images don’t make you smile and say…”yes I remember that…”. Email me today to talk about a lifestyle family photography session or a pet lifestyle photography session! Could be the best Christmas present you every gave yourself and your family.

Happy November 1st…and How To Stay Warm…

orange teapot and cup

Welcome to November!

This year has flown by and I can’t quite believe that it’s November already. One thing is for sure…I am not ready for the cold. I’m sitting here at my desk with an electric blanket wrapped around my lap and legs, another blanket draped over my back and shoulders, a kitten on my lap, and a cup of tea. Next up is a hat, scarf, and mittens (with the fingers cut off so I can type and edit). Brrrr…..

This is ridiculous!

As I sat here editing and contemplating taking a second shower to warm up, I decided tea was in order stat! I borrowed some of my Savannah’s Holiday Spice Tea and I’m warming up from the inside out now.

I want to thank my dear friend Kate for this amazing orange teapot and cups. She just got it for me as an early Christmas present. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love presents?????) Anyway….Kate knows how obsessed I am with anything orange and also that I’m always cold. Perfect gift and I’m absolutely in love with it!!!!

Orange teapotAnd toasted pumpkin seeds go splendidly with tea!roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkinorange teapotorange teapot and cuporange tea cup

Happy Fall…and a little J. Crew Giveaway!!!

First things first…..(I’m a realist??? LOL. Nope.) What I wanted to say is Happy 1st day of fall!!! What an amazing way to start this season.

Last week I mentioned on my Facebook page that when my page hit 1,000 “likes” that I would do a fun little giveaway to say thank you. As of this morning I’m at 1,002 likes and so…here we are! It’s giveaway day!!! I went shopping over the weekend to find something that I would love to have for this fall season. I fell head over heals for this amazing J. Crew necklace so I purchased it and now…one of you lucky people will receive it!!

J. Crew necklace giveawayIsn’t it so beautiful!!!
J. Crew necklace giveawayOh my goodness…this will look absolutely stunning on one of you lucky ladies!!!! And you must send me a picture of yourself wearing it…so I can swoon.

So how do you win you ask???? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

#1 Make sure that you “like” my Facebook Photography Page – Amber Kay Photos

#2 Follow me on Instagram @amberkayphoto

#3 Leave me a little comment here on the blog telling me you’ve liked and followed and that you would love this little gem of a necklace.


You have until Thursday at noon to enter! So like and share and plan what awesome shirt or sweater or dress you’ll be pairing this with…I know I have been dreaming!