A little Holiday Gift Guide with Sparkles and Quirks

I see Holiday Gift Guides everywhere. One for the “woman who has it all” or for the “woman photographer” or for the “professional woman” and it goes on and on. But I’ve never seen a gift guide for the “quirkily woman who likes pretty things but also likes to be comfortable and real”. So I decided to put together my own gift guide! Admittedly these are all things that I would love to magically appear underneath my Christmas tree and in some way they all scream my name. However…I think they’re also things that you might love or your friends or wife or girlfriend might love.



1) Every girl loves perfume!! Ever since discovering Jo Malone a few years ago I am smitten. There isn’t a single scent that I don’t love! My favorite is the Blackberry & Bay and I get so many compliments when I wear it…it’s crazy. The scent isn’t over powering and stays all day. Also…I got a sample of Juliette Has a Gun, Not a Perfume in my Birchbox last year and have been very carefully using it. It smells amazing.

2) These Kate Spade sparkly earrings are so pretty!!! I’m pretty sure every girl would love them and you can choose from silver, gold,or my multi colored sparkles.

3) I have to admit I am a little obsessed with llamas and since I work mostly from home I spend a lot of time in my pajamas…so…these Llama pajamas are awesome! These ones I found at Target are sure to make you feel all happy and festive.

4) Gold Monogrammed Antropologie mugs are great for looking pretty and feeling a tad bit stylish while you’re sipping coffee, or hot chocolate, or even tea.

5) I’ve been wanting a Holga camera for a little while now I just haven’t bought myself one. There’s just something so fun about using a toy camera and shooting on film. It’s always a great surprise to get your pictures back.

6) This water bottle from Define Bottle ooks amazing! For everyone that likes sipping on infused water but doesn’t like eating the infusion part this would be great. I love fresh mint leaves, lemon, and cucumber or fruit in my water.

7) These canvas gold dipped tote bags from West Elm look amazing! You can even get them monogrammed. I’d like one of each.

8) Tyler Knott Greggson is an amazing poet and I just found that the company Green Tag is making leather pouches with a few of his poems printed on them. Amazing! Of course I love the orange one but there are other colors and other poems as well.

9) Going in the opposite direction of an analog film camera…here’s a fun little printer to use with your iPhone. Many of us use our iPhones as our main camera during the day. Snapping away at everything we see. Well this awesome little printer from PhotoJoJo lets you print your iPhone pictures onto Fuji Instax film. How much fun is that? Digital image capture and a “polaroid” print.

10) I’ve been following Humans of New York on Facebook for awhile now and  I love the stories. This book would be great to flip through.

11) Who doesn’t love a pretty new jewelry box? This monogrammed box by C Wonder is beautiful. It was available in orange at one time but not anymore. Bummer! Should have bought it sooner. But it is available in white and blue and black.

12) Just about any pretty and sparkly necklace is my friend! J Crew has some amazing ones to choose from like this one!!

13) I am always cold. Always cold! This faux fur blanket from Pottery Barn would feel amazing to cuddle up in and take a winter’s nap or just watch some movies. They feel so wonderful and are sure to keep even the coldest people (like me) nice and toasty warm.

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