The Adventure of Raising Baby Kittens: Part 3

The kitties are getting so big!! They are climbing and learning how to pounce and play. Bear dog is one of their favorite “mountains” and he’s so patient! Albert seems to like climbing on him the most.


This is Arthur learning how to pounce and it’s hilarious. He does the low crawl and then instead of actually pouncing takes a little step forward. He’s so scary!

2014-05-02_0003 2014-05-02_0005

Yes biting and clawing now favorites also.


Archibald- 4 weeks old2014-05-02_0007 Arthur- 4 weeks old2014-05-02_0008 And last but not least…Albert- 4 weeks old.2014-05-02_0009

This is Archibald’s pounce face…gonna jump on Albert.

2014-05-02_0010 2014-05-02_0002

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