Macaela: Brooke Point Class of 2014

Hello Gorgeous!

Macaela is a senior at Brooke Point High School here in Stafford, VA and she’s just as lovely on the inside as she is beautiful on the outside. I took photos of her family a few years back and was wowed then at how sweet and kind Macaela is. She has such a beautiful positive energy that seems to just shine from her.

Last month we took complete advantage of one of Stafford’s snow days and did an impromptu shoot for Macaela. We had a lot of fun running around in the snow and I’m so happy we decided to brave the cold. Here are a few of my favorites from her shoot.

Session #2 with greenery instead of a white backdrop is coming up in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to get this gorgeous girl in front of my camera again!

2014-04-26_0001 2014-04-26_0002 2014-04-26_0003 2014-04-26_0004 2014-04-26_0005 2014-04-26_0006 2014-04-26_0007 2014-04-26_0008 2014-04-26_0009 2014-04-26_0010 2014-04-26_0011 2014-04-26_0012 2014-04-26_0013 2014-04-26_0014 2014-04-26_0015 2014-04-26_0016 2014-04-26_0017 2014-04-26_0018 2014-04-26_0019 2014-04-26_0020 2014-04-26_0021 2014-04-26_0022 2014-04-26_0023 2014-04-26_0024 2014-04-26_0025

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