To My Savannah…Happy Graduation

As a teeny little girl you had a head full of blonde curls,  little round glasses, were obsessed with the color pink. You were strong willed…beyond strong willed. Actually you never threw temper tantrums instead you’d just hold your breath until you turned blue and passed out. You’d spout off with your cute little voice, looking over the top of your glasses, that you were both “smart and talented”. Yes my girl…you sure are.

Savannah you’ve always had an innate sense of yourself. Smart, sassy, funny, a frequent user of sarcasm, strong willed, opinionated, thoughtful, wise beyond your years. Those things have served you well as you’ve grown into the amazing young woman that you are right now. I shake my head at times…in disbelief that you are mine. Sometimes I feel that I am not worthy of being your mother.

I’ve made so many mistakes as a mother. I know that all parents screw their kids up somehow even when we don’t mean to but I just hope that you know how very much I love you. I hope that you can overcome any deficits I’ve left you with. I hope that I’ve shown you through action and word that you are never alone in this world, that you can overcome. I hope that through all of our conversations you know that I will always have your back, that I will never judge. I hope I’ve taught you that love is a beautiful and precious thing but also that your worth is inherently your own and never tied to a man or woman or friend or a relationship. I hope I’ve taught you that you deserve to always be treated with respect, that you can set your own limits, that you can accomplish whatever you set your sights on. I hope that I’ve taught you right and wrong and to be open minded and always fall back on your sense of humanity and not harming. I hope that I’ve taught you that your body and your mind and your heart are you own and that whomever you wish to share them and whatever you wish to do with them is completely up to you. I hope that I’ve taught you to dream magical, wonderful things and have fun and let your hair down sometimes. I hope I’ve taught you and show you that you my sweet Savannah are beautiful and magical and that your life has endless possibilities.

I am so intensely proud of you, what you’ve accomplished so far, but mostly for who you are. You are going to do crazy awesome things in this life. You my dear are going to change the world.

These past four years it’s been just me and you. Two head strong, deeply opinionated, mouthy and sarcastic women. We’ve spent endless hours debating politics, religion, love, social issues. You’ve expanded my mind in so many ways and taught me so much. You’ve shared some not so amazing music with me (I think you just want to see the look on my face when you play some of it) and I’ve made you listen to my same favorite songs on replay. Somehow we even managed to road trip to a Nascar race and “Talladega” has become our in the car song.  You’re my car trip buddy, my grocery shopping buddy, my late night chat buddy, my fashion consultant, my photography muse. My “baby” and my very best friend.

Congratulations for all your hard work these past 4 years and for graduating summa cum laude! (Dude you totally showed me up) You are super smart and talented!!! Now…onto your next frontier! And I can’t wait to see where you go and what you accomplish.

And now…a few of my favorite photos from across the years.

As just a little in Boston on the duck.15 years later on the same duck!


When I graduated my dad gave me a tape with this song on it. I later shared the same song with Dustin…and now with you.



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