A Little Snowy Shoot: Stafford Portrait Photography

it snowed buckets last night and today we used the snow to our advantage! a bright wintery background perfect for some new pictures of my savannah. it’s fun having a live-in model whenever the inspiration hits me to take some photos. it was cold out but savannah was a champ and even the bear dog played along for a bit.

2014-02-13_0003 2014-02-13_0005 2014-02-13_0006 2014-02-13_0008 2014-02-13_0009 2014-02-13_0010 2014-02-13_0011 2014-02-13_0012 2014-02-13_0013 2014-02-13_0014 2014-02-13_0015 2014-02-13_0016 savannah is bored with me?2014-02-13_0017 2014-02-13_0018 and her true colors shine through…the weird faces…2014-02-13_0019 2014-02-13_0020


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