Agamemnon & Archibald: Thanksgiving Kittens

I just realized I hadn’t posted my Thanksgiving pictures of Agamemnon and Archibald!! Oh NO! Here I am planning their Christmas portraits and I haven’t even posted their Thanksgiving photo session. I figured I should use their full names here as it seemed most fitting…cats in awesome hats deserve to use their full regal names!… Continue reading Agamemnon & Archibald: Thanksgiving Kittens

Archie & Aggie: Kitten Photography

It’s been awhile since I made a kitten post on the blog…so for your enjoyment…I hooked you up with a little kitten photo shoot with….bow ties and kittens!!!! Two of my favorite things. Here’s Archie is modeling his new orange bow tie. And some shocking information……Agamemnon is a girl!!!!!!! Not a boy. Oops! Oh well… Continue reading Archie & Aggie: Kitten Photography