Kaitlynn: Colonial Forge Senior Photographer

i absolutely adore photographing seniors! they’re so fun and since i have a couple of teenagers myself i find it really easy to chat and laugh and talk about life and the future.

meet kaitlynn. kaitlynn is a senior at colonial forge high school in stafford and will be graduating in just a few short months! she’s in the process of deciding where she wants to go to college and i know she’s been waiting for those college acceptance letters. here are a few of my favorites from her senior session…leave her some love in the comments!

2014-02-17_0001 2014-02-17_0002 2014-02-17_0003 2014-02-17_0004 2014-02-17_0005 2014-02-17_0006 2014-02-17_0007 2014-02-17_0008 2014-02-17_0009 2014-02-17_0010 2014-02-17_0011 2014-02-17_0012 2014-02-17_0013 2014-02-17_0014 2014-02-17_0015 2014-02-17_0016 2014-02-17_0017 2014-02-17_0018 2014-02-17_0019 2014-02-17_0020 those eyes!!!2014-02-17_0021 2014-02-17_0022 2014-02-17_0023 2014-02-17_0024 2014-02-17_0025 2014-02-17_0026 2014-02-17_0027 2014-02-17_0028 2014-02-17_0029 2014-02-17_0030 2014-02-17_0031 2014-02-17_0032oh kaitlynn…you’r
e so darn pretty!! thanks for a lovely afternoon and i can’t wait to take some more photos and incorporate your love of running!


  1. OMG My baby has grown up into a beautiful young lady. Your work is amazing Amber. You always surprise me yet I am never surprised at your talent…it is true.
    With much love

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