A Pretty Spring Table

I decided a little over a month ago that I wanted to set a really pretty table for Easter dinner. I had absolutely nothing in mind but I didn’t want just a clear vase of flowers…I wanted something I would remember and want to take photos of.

Now I know that my creative process is very different from other peoples…but…how I usually start is when I find a small part of what will make up the “whole”. So in other words I was wandering through the flower section and found these gorgeous orange tulips. Yes of course they’re orange! Then I found the daffodils with the pretty orange centers. From there I just pulled things from my china cabinet and walked around my yard for a few other greens and flowers.

I’m loving how it turned out! It was cheerful and springy and so pretty.

2014-04-22_0001 2014-04-22_0002

This yellow vase is one I picked up at an antique store a few years back in a grab box. There was a box of random vases all for one price. The yellow one is the only one I wanted but the whole box was super cheap. I love it! The vase is sitting in a small soup terrine that was my Great Great Grandmother’s brought over from Germany. There is a chip in the side and the lid has long been broken…but I think it adds to its charm.


The flowered table cloth is really a napkin that I picked up from World Market awhile back. I love looking for pretty napkins that can be used for little pops of color on a table. This one was on clearance for .99. What a pretty bargain!

2014-04-22_0004 2014-04-22_0005 2014-04-22_0006 2014-04-22_0007

I have a collection of little mismatching teacups that my mother has given me over the years. Some are from her collection and others are from her mother’s collection and my great Aunt’s. The orange table runner is from Ikea.

2014-04-22_0008 2014-04-22_0009

This pretty little piece is from my Great Great Grandmother’s Collection if I remember correctly.

2014-04-22_0010 2014-04-22_0011 2014-04-22_0012 2014-04-22_0013

And yes I even have bunny salt and pepper shakers. They are a novelty and of course not old…but when it’s Easter they’re rather cute.


I have no idea what this piece is supposed to be used for but I love its unique shape and the flower pattern goes with the above piece.

2014-04-22_0015 2014-04-22_0016

I have quite the collection of little cordial glasses. I’m not sure they’ve even had a cordial in them…at least not at my house. But I adore using them for little flower vases. These dogwood flowers and fern look so pretty in one. Below I’m using a little antique salt plate to set the cordial glass on.

2014-04-22_0017 2014-04-22_0018 2014-04-22_0019 2014-04-22_0020


All in all this pretty table was put together for only $12.99 – the cost of the daffodils and tulips. Everything else was pulled from my Collection of things. I often think I have way too  many little pieces but then…I put together a really pretty table…and I think…no. I hope you had a beautiful Easter with your family and friends. Did you put together a pretty table? I love to see pictures!


    1. Thanks Anna! You know sometimes it seems like so much bother…but really it’s just so much fun to pull together. And then I like to just sit there and look at it 🙂

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