Honeymooning in The Bahamas

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Yay!! We got married 3/8!!! And then we had a Bahamas honeymoon!!! The Abacos, Bahamas to be precise.

Travel is definitely one of the loves of my life and traveling with the love of my life makes it even better. When Mike and I were exploring honeymoon destinations we knew we wanted to go somewhere warm. (Honestly we wanted to go to France but we decided to put that off until fall. Because March in France isn’t too warm. But I digress.) We explored so many options and ultimately we decided on exploring the Bahamas on a catamaran!!

We had no idea what we were getting into but once we discovered Tradewinds and watched their videos we were sold on the idea!!!!! We started out spending three days being beach bums in Treasure Cay. We stayed at Treasure Cay Beach Marina and Golf Resort , went to the beach, explored the area a little, drank rum filled fruity drinks, and ate over priced food.

The beach and the water were absolutely stunning. We practically had the place to ourselves and had our choice of beach lounge chairs and tiki huts for a little shade. One morning we walked the beach to find an amazing sand bar that just popped up at low tide! Another morning we rented scooters to explore a bit and found an amazing local bakery where we promptly ordered meat pies & coconut pastries and declared it the best food we had in days.

One last morning on the beach and we boarded our catamaran- The TLSea!!! It was docked in the harbor right outside our room and we had been walking past it for a few days. We were so excited to get on board!

Day 1 I was able to cross off my bucket list – Island of Pigs!! They didn’t much appreciate our carrots and much preferred the bread other boats brought to them. Also don’t let that big pink one fool you – she was a bit feisty and didn’t really appreciate the piggy petting.

Life on the boat was very relaxing!!! We shared it with 3 other couples and our Captain & First Mate. We loved everyone especially our Captain & First Mate (Michael & Marica)! Everyone had their own cabin and bathroom, small but all we needed.  It was an all inclusive trip so we got 3 meals a day cooked for us and all we could drink.

We had lots of little excursions off the catamaran to explore different cays. The captain would dingy us ashore! Here we were heading to Great Guana Cay. There were several lively bars including Nipper’s which seemed to be like Spring Break 24/7.

We went snorkeling at Mermaid Reef and saw so many fish!! One little sucker even bit my finger!!! When we got back on board I tried to figure out what kinds of fish we saw. We did see quite a few sting rays and some turtles.

Another day and another excursion! This time into Hopetown. Loved the lighthouse – such amazing views from up top.

We sailed over to Tahiti Beach which was a super cool sand bar. I find this cute little box fish and spent about 20 minutes chasing him down in about a foot of water trying to get a good picture of him. While we were exploring a storm was busy rolling in. Crazy how one half of the sky was a dark storm and the other was a perfectly blue sky.

For sure one of our favorite spots was Scotland Cay!!! We kayaked from the catamaran in and around, pulled on shore the sandbar, and did a little snorkeling. Mike found a little stingray and chased him around for a bit. We found starfish, sand dollars too. The water was delicious. Pretty sure the vacation life is for us!

Dolphins, Man-O-War Cay, and a sunrise with a full moon!

Loved the sails up!!! I’m not sure the name of this cay but we anchored and I snorkeled over to the little island. Complete perfection.

Heading back to Treasure Cay with my feet on the sugar scoop and miles of blue ocean to see! The last morning of our trip we spent back on the beach with the sand between our toes soaking up the whole experience. Then it was off to the smallest airport ever with meat pies in hand from the bakery. Yes we had our cab driver stop for us!!

We can’t say enough amazing things about Tradewinds!!! We are totally sold on this way of vacationing and are busy planning our next Tradewinds trip. If you have any questions about taking a catamaran vacation (Tradewinds has over 60 catamarans in the water all over the world) send me an email!! Or if you have any questions about a Bahamas honeymoon in The Abacos I can tell you all I know.

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