The Adventure of Raising Baby Kittens: Part 6

I knew the day would come. And I had a bit of a heavy heart. Last week two of my kitten boys Arthur and Albert went to their forever homes and left ours. I am so excited for their new kitten parents…but the house is definitely quieter and I miss their sweet little faces. I will say however…they they definitely have been getting rowdier and therefore harder for me to take pictures of. Sleeping kittens always photograph well though 🙂

Here’s Arthur the morning he left.

And here’s Albert.

Seriously though…these are the types of pictures I was mainly able to get while they were awake and running around. They’re into everything! Climbing curtains, digging up plants, climbing the back of the couch and up pant legs. Chewing on cords and boxes and books and each other. Crazy kittens I tell you!
Aggie can get pretty crazy at times too…but with all three of the other kitten babies playing hard he sometimes just sat and watched.Archie may very well be the instigator! Here he’s totally wrapped up in the curtains taking a breather as he just destroyed the orchid arrangement I had as well as the curtains.The day Arthur and Albert left it just happened to be Adam’s birthday. So…in true #crazycatlady fashion and to make myself happier after the boys left…I made birthday hats for Archie and Aggie. I seriously laughed so hard I was crying.This has to be one of my favorite pictures ever! Look at Archie’s face. LOL!!!!!!! He is so not into the hat. He’s like “omg…this lady…I’m so over her…I’m going to gnaw on some more of her stuff when I get this thing off!”There will be no more “Adventures of Raising Baby Kitten Posts” since my two kitten boys left. However I will be doing a new series with Aggie and Archie. Just trying to come up with a good name for it!! Stay tuned  and happy Thursday!

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