The Adventure of Raising Baby Kittens: Part 4

I can’t believe the kitten boys are getting so big!!!!!! Oh my goodness. They’re eating canned kitten food now and starting to lap their kitten milk out of a bowl. They’re getting super tired of the bottle because it just doesn’t put food in their tummies fast enough. They’re also about 75% litter box trained! Woot! Woot!

They’re crazy playful when they’re awake and then they crash hard and are out for hours. They’ve discovered they can crawl up your pant leg and they have super sharp claws and teeth. My arms and hands have the proof.

Here’s Arthur…in his favorite green bowl…because he can.

2014-05-10_0001 2014-05-10_0002 2014-05-10_0003

All of the kitten boys love Bear dog. They all want to love him and cuddle up into his soft fur. He does a great job of being patient and ignoring them. See how his head is up…that’s so Archie doesn’t touch his face.

2014-05-10_0004 2014-05-10_0005

All curled up with the Bear dog for a kitten nap.


While Archie was napping…Arthur was exploring.

2014-05-10_0007 2014-05-10_0008

I couldn’t believe that Bear laid his head down and cuddled up with Archie. Cutest moment ever!!!


Arthur decided to take advantage of the situation and curl up in Bear’s tail for a nap.

2014-05-10_0010 2014-05-10_0011

Look at those eyes! They’re said “give me food now lady.”


They all love curling up on your chest if you sit on the couch. Whoever makes it up there first is happy. Here Arthur is supervising Savannah’s internet use.


Archie says it’s not fair.


And Albert….2014-05-10_0015

Albert is the brut of the kitten pack. He is bigger and noisier and eats twice as much. We actually call him Fat Albert now. And sometimes…he really poses for me. Love how half of his nose is gray and his long white whiskers.

2014-05-10_0016 2014-05-10_0017 2014-05-10_0018 2014-05-10_0019


  1. That 2nd photo and all the photos of bear with the kittens are so adorable! Looks like you all are having fun with the kitties. 🙂

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