Monday Madness: Volume 15

it’s late…almost 11:15 as i’m starting this post. let’s see if i can get it finished before midnight!

quote of the week:

“Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.”

– Ralph Marston

sometimes when i’m not feeling overly optimistic or when i’m having a big sticky problem (or ten) it’s helpful to be reminded that i shouldn’t feel sorry for myself. i shouldn’t stick my head down in the sand. i shouldn’t curl up on the couch with a box of chocolates and a few horribly awesome romantic comedies. i shouldn’t cry into my pillow. i shouldn’t scream and yell and blame everyone else. i should in fact use these very moments as opportunities. an opportunity to overcome. an opportunity to learn. an opportunity to be better, do better. an opportunity to grow.

i’m not saying this is easy. i’m not saying that i can always do it with grace. sometimes the crying and yelling come first. in fact this morning i practically had a small melt down. i wanted to do a lot of things…a lot of things that wouldn’t get me anywhere fast. but i’m very proud of myself because i’m using today’s big sticky problem as an opportunity to push myself further and harder. one step at a time. one foot in front of the other. find the silver lining.

highlights of the week(s):

*wow…again i missed a week of monday madness! i just can’t seem to wrap my mind around pre-blogging. there was no post last week because i was busy flying back to va from chicago.

*i’m on the search for an orange kitten. a cute little fuzzy orange kitten. he needs to really be a kitten too! so many of the places i look at say kitten and i look at the pictures and it’s a full size cat. nope i want a little guy so i can properly train him to lay on my lap all the time and to pose for daily photo ops. i thought i  had found one but he was already adopted and he was like 3 hours away. that perhaps may be too far to drive to get a kitten? here is a reference photo.

*last weekend  i flew to chicago and drove about 90 minutes west to photograph angela and dan’s wedding at this beautiful little barn venue.  and there was a llama!!! here is the full blog post to their awesome wedding. it was a seriously epic way to start off my 2014 wedding season!!

*my flight back from chicago was interesting. at the last minute i was told my carry on (holding all of my photography gear) would not fit in the overhead bin and that i would have to gate check it. insert hysterics here. well not hysterics but insert my reply “not happening”. lol. so i did what any responsible photographer would do and in the middle of the line i sat down on the floor and dumped all the contents of my very large “purse” (read other camera bag) out on the floor and proceeded to swap bags. (oh and then the airline proceeded to lose my other checked bag for over an hour. on a direct flight. hand palm to forehead.)

*i really enjoyed being back in the midwest for a few days. i am a midwest girl…born and raised in michigan in farm country. it always feels like home to me to see barns and farms with grain bins and silos and windmills and tractors and such!

*my awesome friends who we pug sat for brought me a cow painting all the way from texas!! i’m in love with it!!! it’s fun and colorful and adds to the eclectic wall art collection i have going on in my living room. thanks so much annette and vince.

*for a few days last week i thought spring was coming. my daffodils started popping up after all. then last night it snowed 5 inches and my dreams were taken away 🙁

*you know what they say though…when life hands you lemons…you make lemonade! so since i absolutely have a hate/hate relationship with the snow and cold and want to move to the land of warmth and sunshine and beaches tomorrow i decided to make lemonade. well that is i decided to take snow photos of anyone who would show up at my house today. in all i had 10 people (including one baby) come over and we made fun snow photos! here is one from today and oh my goodness…isn’t this one gorgeous 2014 senior!!!


and if i hit publish now….it will be in before midnight. yahoo!!! happy monday and happy st. patty’s day!

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