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If you’re here looking around then you’re interested in getting some amazing images! So the question is what type of images are you looking for? Maybe you don’t really even know what to call them but you know what you need. You probably have a vision and if you don’t you at least know the direction you’d like to go. I’m here to help with all of that!!

Some of these categories overlap too! Read through them and give me a call or drop me an email to discuss your needs.

info@amberkayphoto.com  / 540-848-1812

Business Portraits / Headshots –

I’m not a huge fan of the word headshot as it conjures up stiff traditional images. However some business types need those types of more corporate headshots. I can do those if you need them but my speciality lies in creating approachable, natural portraits of you. These can be in your own space (think home, office, store, etc) or they can just be in a place with great light and something that fits your brand.

Your clients want to see you! Believe me they do!! They want to know who they’re going to do business with. Who they’re going to trust. Who they’re going to get to know and establish a relationship with. You only get one chance to make a great first impression and that is often with your “About” photos on your website, Facebook page, or other social media outlets.

We can work together to find the perfect location for your images. We’ll talk about hair and makeup & outfit selection as well. I’ll help you through the whole process to make sure you get some amazing images that you love and that will show your clients who you are.

Social Media Images / Content / Management –

In today’s world if you’re not on social media you’re probably not growing your business very fast. Instagram and Facebook have the highest growth rates for businesses with Instagram leading the pack. It is vitally important when posting to these social media outlets that you post consistently and that you post good imagery that is representative of you and your brand.

(Not images that are too dark or too light. Not images that are too out of focus or the lighting is just off. Not images that are off brand but you really needed to post something so you just threw up a random photo.)

Keeping up with social media can be a lot to think about and can take up way too much time. Here’s where I come in! I can create on brand images for you to post on your social media. Think gorgeous lay-flats that represent your brand. Images of you and what you do. Images of the things you love. Really the sky is the limit here.

We will sit down and chat all about what you’re looking for and where you need help and come up with the perfect plan for you. I offer monthly plans where we create a whole month’s worth of content for you. I also offer individual sessions that will give you a base of images to work with throughout the year.

Blogger & Influencer Images –

Bloggers & Influencers you know you are in constant need of good images!!! Nope not those ones your con your boyfriend/husband/dog/friend into taking for you. But professional images that portray you perfectly. You can’t keep posting the same images in the same outfits after all. Consistency is the key to building your empire!

Speaking of consistency…you need consistency with how often you post but also in how your images look. You’re an influencer because people like your esthetic and if your esthetic is all over the place then you’re not giving your followers what they want/need.

We can do one off shoots (based on an hourly fee) or we can do a monthly or bi-monthly shoots. If you’re a planner and want to make sure you’re scheduling out your content then a monthly or bi-monthly shoot would be the perfect fit and you’d have all the images you need for a month’s worth of content. Let’s chat about what works for you and how to get you some amazing images that in turn get you some more followers to influence 🙂

Small Business Branding Images –

Please tell me you’re not using stock images on your website!!! Well it’s ok if you are but how does that set your business apart from the other businesses in your field? Think  custom website header / custom footer / images on your about page / images of your products, your store, your clients, the experience you offer your clients.

Again your website and social media images are often the very first contact your potential client has with your business. Your images need to be visually appealing. Photographed in the right light, with the correct exposure, paying attention to all the little details.

That’s where I come in!! We sit down to discuss what your needs are. Where are you wanting to put these images? That matters! For instance a website header image needs to be horizontal. We go through all of that and come up with a game plan of images. Then we schedule the date and I get to creating some photo magic with your business.


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