Hey It’s Amber Kay!

Thanks for stopping by my little part of the internet. I'm so happy to have you here getting a little glimpse into what I love to do and who I am.

I'm 60% Dreamer & 40% Doer. My head is always in the clouds and my feet a few inches off the ground. There's very little black and white in my world...but a whole lot of every other hue which means endless possibilities. I believe that we can do big things and I believe that we can do them together!

Professionally I am photographer & content creator for other creatives, bloggers, & business owners. It's so much fun watching someone else's brand come to life with beautiful imagery and it makes my heart happy creating images for others that truly show them as the beautiful people they are.

On any given day you'll find me hanging out with the cutest dog in the world, Francois the French Bulldog (who has his very own Instagram), 5 cats, and husband all while I obsess over my Instagram, new business ideas, and all the new pretty pictures to take. I am a sometimes brash, often sarcastic woman with a passion for an authentic life.

I believe in keeping things real and in women supporting and building up other women. I believe in loving the body you're in & in accepting your flaws and loving yourself because of them not just in spite of them.


I'm obsessed with this cute guy!!! My hot husband too of course ;) Although he says that he's a distant second. LOL!!

Other loves - all things bright & cheerful, great design (especially anything mid century), travel, fashion that makes me feel fabulous (although I also love me some yoga pants), COFFEE with cinammon, trying new restaurants, exploring this amazing city of ours.


At 45 years old I can now say that I am finally comfortable in my own skin.

I don't feel 45. I feel younger but wiser. Heavier in weight than I have ever been but more beautiful and full of life than ever. I can confidently say that I like who I am.

I grew up on a dairy farm. I am from Michigan. That makes me the mid-western farmer's daughter. Bonus points - I also know how to milk cows.

I will stop what I'm doing to rescue an animal. Or take a picture of one. Or take a picture with one! Those animal selfies are always the best. (And...I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to rescue a baby chipmunk from our cats and get him safely out of my office.)

I'm the co-founder of WEAR RVA - a charity fashion show featuring RVA high school girls as models and benefiting The Network of Enterprising Women's high school scholarship fund.

I believe that all women are beautiful. I believe in equality. I believe in creating a judgment free zone around me.

I'm on a mission to build the most awesome girl squad ever! Girl Power! AND - if you're a mean girl please stay the fuck away.

I am very pro-selfie. You should selfie it up too.